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Meet The Chef
Shuichi Kotani....

since 2019​

Co-owner and master chef Shuichi Kotani has made it his life’s work to create noodles that bring people together. He first experienced soba when he was nineteen years old, whereupon he promptly fell in love with the food as well as the process of creating it. He has since expanded his repertoire to include udon and ramen, always in pursuit of authentic quality.

Shuichi doesn’t just make noodles; he puts his soul and energy into the creation process, closing his eyes and relying on the “sight” and instinct of his ten fingertips. He not only sees what he’s making; he also feels, breathes, and savors it, utterly engaged in the present and transient moment. As of today, he has been making world-class noodles for over eighteen years, and he has appeared on television and in many newspapers as an award-winning chef.

 “When I close my eyes, I can see soba in ten dimensions.” – Shuichi Kotani

Noodle expert with eighteen years of experience. A world-famous chef, he began his career at the age of nineteen.

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